About the show

YourJax Music started off with very little but a simple idea and a vision.
There was no large marketing campaign, and very little outside help.
The show was born from an idea to use CW17's studio to produce something for the web.
What started off as a web channel to feature acoustic performances became the starting line for a locally produced TV show.
We launched the show in the middle of one of the worse recessions in the history of our industry.
We had a reduced staff and limited resources. But we made it happen with a little creativity and elbow grease.

We believed that there were a lot of people out there that loved and supported music and the arts, and we felt that our area had a very active, diverse and talented, if not under-rated music scene.

Thanks to the support of the viewers of the show, the music lovers and the music makers, it turns out we were right.

A year later, we looked around us and found we were still on the air and going strong. At that time we were about 30 episodes deep.
That’s about 15 hours of programming, 190 hours of shooting and editing, 63 artists and 220 songs.

That catalog continues to grow and the audience and awareness of the show as well.

Here is some additional information about CW17 and YourJax Music:

  • YourJax Music is a half-hour program produced by CW17 WCWJ-TV that airs every Saturday at 10pm & Sunday at 6:30pm.
  • CW17 WCWJ-TV is one of the top CW Affiliates in the country.  In 2010 it was CW network’s #1 station.
  • CW17  WCWJ-TV is in the Jacksonville DMA which is ranked #47 in the country.
  • CW17’s broadcast area reaches approximately 674,840 households in Northeast Florida & Southeast Georgia.  The station’s coverage area reaches as far south as Flagler Beach just north of Daytona, as far north as Brunwick, Georgia, and westward to the fringes of Lake City.
  • CW17 WCWJ-TV is part of Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc.
  • Nexstar does not subscribe to traditional ratings system – but based on market feedback, advertisers and major ad agencies we work with, it is estimated that the number of viewers that watch an episode of YourJax Music fluctuates between 13,000 on up to 40,000+ viewers each night.  That’s like playing at a packed arena more than once!
  • YourJax Music is partnered with area publishers – EU Jacksonville, Stay Tuned Studios, A1A Audio Productions, & Crazy Dave's Music

Sampling of YourJax Music