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Northe EP Release Party

Northe EP Release Party

Northe with The Valley The Storm and The Pinz
25th May 2012 09:00AM
Square One
Owner: The Pinz
This is a public event.


Square One welcomes Northe and The Valley The Storm for the first time to our weekly live music night. Come by, join these bands, and enjoy the music as Northe will be celebrating the release of their new EP, "Oh Darla"!! Catch three of Jacksonville's original bands at historic San Marco's coolest club!!

Doors 9pm // $4 21+ // $7 18+
$4 Cuervo // $3 Soco Pepper // $2.50 PBR Draft

Northe is a 5-piece rock band based from Jacksonville, Florida. Their sound draws on several different musical genres, including pop, alternative, and indie rock. Northe is Joel, Scion, Chris, Jeff, and Kevin. Northe is like ice cream in the microwave drizzled on top of moist cake on a sunday night after church. Like Rhinos dancing in the garden of Eden, Northe understands music.

The Valley The Storm consists of Zack Harrison, Michael Carter, Miranda Weathers and Marquis Dee.
The world is a broken place and sometimes we are like dry bones in need of life. The Valley The Storm is the hope to find this life and share it through music, unity, and love. The sound of the music varies, we couldn't tell you what our sound is like but maybe you could come and listen...and don't worry if your body chooses to dance!

The Pinz is an American alternative pop rock band from Jacksonville, FL. Two pop punk albums were released in 2010. New songs with a slightly different sound are being recorded in spring and summer 2012 with David Kalish and Grammy Award-winning producer Chris Testa.

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