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If you haven't been on the show, or maybe you have and you want to get back on, join this group. Remember, the show features original music - no covers - unless you can show you've obtained permission from BMI/ASCAP/copyright holders to perform a cover. Also, be sure you're profile has music or video on it. Thanks, Good Luck, and Keep making music!

We recieved feedback from a few users who had problems signing up here. If so you can sign up at this link instead.

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  • FourBarrel
    by FourBarrel 2 years ago
    We appreciate what your doing with this show and website. It's good to see someone promoting Jax talent. Here is our latest video. Will you play it on your show? Thanks-FourBarrel
    by ARBOR PARK 3 years ago
    Have you selected a new audition date? I'm trying to upload a video but it won't accept the type of video we took of our show at FreeBird. Thx.
  • Chris
    by Chris 3 years ago
    When is the next audition??
  • YourJax Music
    by YourJax Music 3 years ago
    We are having live auditions on Saturday March 30th in St Augustine at First Coast Powersports. We have no idea how many bands we can audition yet. We may look at having two stages. Bands will be graded by judges and selected (5 bands will be chosen) for a recording session for the show to take place on April 20th at a location to be announced (somewhere also in St Augustine).

    Please register if you are interested and available and please do so soon! It will help us to determine how many are interested in auditioning and how many we can accommodate. We will attempt to get every band a slot to audition if possible. All genres are welcome. As you may already know we feature only original music. For the auditions you can perform a cover song but you must perform a majority of original music.

    Here is a link to the registration page. Please email us if you run into problems or questions:

    You can also register on our YourJax Music Facebook page, click on "AUDITIONS"

    Spread the word, and look forward to hearing you perform!
  • YourJax Music
    by YourJax Music 3 years ago
    Thanks everyone for joining and supporting the show. I know everyone is curious on when and how they get on. We have changed the way we select bands over the years and now prefer to host auditions. While it's a process to lineup auditions we discovered it's the best way to see and hear bands before we schedule actually video shoots. You would be suprised how many bands have been scheduled to shoot that showed up unprepared, showed up late, did not sound like their recordings, did not promote themselves, etc. We discovered having auditions helps us screen the bands before we dedicate our time, money, energy and production resources to full-on live recordings. Things have been on hold over the holidays but now we are behind the scenes working to line up activities for a new season of events and tapings. This group will get first notice when we have auditions lined up and we will try to schedule auditions far enough in advance and on days that we think gives everyone time to make one. Thanks for your support and patience and hope to hear you perform one day soon.
  • Hangmans Crown
    by Hangmans Crown 3 years ago
    Thanks for keeping the spotlight on local bands. The show is a great concept. We need to have more of a community feel amongst the bands no matter the genres !
  • YourJax Music
    by YourJax Music 3 years ago
    Most of our selections from the show will come from live auditions and bands selected based on grades from judges. When we have auditions, those on this website's group will be the first to be notified. We will always try to schedule auditions far enough in advance so that everyone can attempt to register and get scheduled. These days we have more bands that want to audition then we can get on the show in one year. Which is a good thing, it shows how much music is in the area, but unfortunately it makes it hard to get to everyone that wants on the show lined up sometimes. Hopefully we have more auditions this year. Thanks for your support and look forward to hearing your music live one day soon.
  • AW
    by AW 3 years ago
    So when do we hear from you about being on the show?
  • Shery and the Psychodelics
    Shery and the Psychodelics want to be there! We'll upload our new videos as soon as we get 'em from Don at Stay Tuned Studios!
  • Andy Jacobs
    by Andy Jacobs 3 years ago
    Andy Jacobs here. Wanna be on the show. Listen to the demo I uploaded.

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