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Don and Tanya of Stay Tuned are the kind of people you immediately like when you meet them.  Their facilities and the services they provide are top notch, but what really impresses me is their passion and support of the music scene.

We want to help them get the word out that Stay Tuned is an affordable and comfortable place for bands, singers, songwriters, and aspiring musicians to practice.  I don't know how many times I've had the cops called on me in the past.   I really wish they would start making apartments sound proof one day.  If anyone's reading this that can change that please do! Although I no longer live in a an apartment, most of us start out renting when venture out in this wild and crazy world.  And if you're a musician, you're screwed.  Not only are you broke, but your neighbors hate you.  If you're a drummer, I feel for you.

Here are my favorite things about Stay Tuned.

It's clean.  I remember a rehearsal place in Fayetteville, NC that was a dump.  It took at least an hour to get used to the smell.

It's air conditioned.  I don't know about you, but my experience is that at least one of your band mates is going to have really bad hygiene skills.  Last thing you want to do is smell 'em sweating.  Plus we live in Florida.  It get's HOT in the summer.  Heat and humitidy are not good for instruments or your underwear.

It's affordable.  They didn't coin the term "Starving Artist" for no reason.  Whatever your creative passion - the tools of your trade are expensive.  This is especially true for musicians.  And unless you have platinum albums hanging on your wall or a trust fund, chances are, the only six figures you have is on your odometer.  What you make in the tip jar can cover your fees at Stay Tuned.  Plus if you have a band, get the rest of your broke-ass compadres to chip in then BAM!  suddenly this works and doesn't cut into your dollar menu date night you got lined up tonight.

Every room has equipment.  Drummers listen up.  They have drums!  Save your back.  They also have amps available.  If you're a guitarist with a short-term memory and you show up without your axe.  They rent guitars as well.  If you're a prospective guitar student and haven't yet bought your guitar this is a great way to get started on lessons while you figure out what you want to buy.

Presentation.  I'm sorry but it's true.  Presentation is key.  The place is nice and comfortable because they didn't just slap some paint on the wall, throw in a drum kit and say "Have at it, kids!"  Each room is nicely furnished and tastefully staged.  This is the kind of place you can host a special event and invite guests to watch you perform comfortably.  And most importantly, in a climate controlled, clean, affordable and well equipped room :-).  Studio E is perfect for showcases.

We've hosted our intro segments for an episode of YourJax Music at their facilities.  I'm excited to mention that we will be taping an entire episode (performances and all) at Stay Tuned.  The details have not yet been worked out but we'll be sure to announce the news when the time comes.

Here's their information taken from their site at

Stay Tuned Studios
5570 Florida Mining Blvd. South, Unit 105
Jacksonville, Fl. 32257
Phone: (904) 292-9997

(Near The Avenues Mall)



Check us out on
Hours Of Operation

4:00 PM-midnight Mon.-Fri., 1:00 PM-midnight Sat. & Sun.

Also, check out this great article from our friends at EU Jacksonville about Stay Tuned Studios.


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  • Tanya
    by Tanya 5 years ago
    Jake, thanks for the awesome review! It's always nice to know that we are appreciated. Hope to see you soon. Tanya
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