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Whetherman is on Tour! See the full schedule out here: www.Whetherman.net


Whetherman is the mellow music project of Nicholas Williams, a 27 year-old unsigned singer/songwriter out of the Midwest, who has been heavily influenced by folk musicians such as Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Nick Drake and Neil Young. This emerging artist is becoming increasingly well-known for his distinct voice, a creative blend of crooning and soaring melodic qualities that has become the staple ...for Whetherman. His songs are comforting and gentle on the ears, providing depth and landscape with insightful lyrics and beautiful texture in supporting instrumentals.

Since June of 2007, Williams has released three full length albums: "Bull" (2007), "The Great Lull" (2008) and "Nooks and Crannies" (2010). The first two records being backed under a distribution deal with Adorable Records, an independent label based outside of Detroit, MI, which Williams remained signed with until 2009. Williams then chose to be independent, and released his newest and most anticipated album "Nooks and Crannies" in July of 2010.

After the growing reception of his 3rd release, Williams acquired a local group of talented musicians in JP Salvat (Percussion) and Dan Evans (Mandolin, Guitar) to bring the Whetherman act to life.

Currently, Williams has just finished tracking his 4th album "Wind in the Trees" in New Orleans, and is gearing up to release it in the late September. The Whetherman crew will be performing regional shows throughout the summer and fall, as well as a few fests like Blackwater Music Festival and Magnolia Festival at the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

Whetherman is available for download on iTunes, Facebook, YouLicense.com, MySpace and Amazon.com and wherever you can catch a live show!


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    Whetherman Whetherman is on Tour! See the full schedule out here: www.Whetherman.net
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