Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

20 years old
Fleming Island
United States
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"Playing throughout North Florida, local Singer/Songwriter Andy Jacobs – with his percussive acoustic guitar and his simply enamoring voice - engages audiences with the basics; lyrics of pure conviction, a voice to captivate the masses, and tales of universal truths through his soothing acoustic tones."

"Born and raised in the mountains of Upstate New York, Jacobs has been in music for years. After playing jazz and classical saxophone, he began singing and teaching himself guitar upon relocating to the North Florida area in 2009. His first acoustic musical venture, a Contemporary Folk duo, "NorthWest Calling Card", played local venues such as the Murray Hill Cafe before he decided to persue a solo career. A student, a free thinker and a lover of music - Jacobs' captivating voice and unique acoustic guitar are at their best on his new solo album, 'Mr. Lawrence' (2011), officially released November 2011. Surely, bigger and better great things are soon to come from this young and rising talent."


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